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Find potential customers on Twitter in your local area!

If you're a dentist in Miami, FL
Does it help your business to have:
1,000 followers in Europe? ... No! (7500 Miles Away)
1,000 followers in Georgia? ... No! (600 Miles Away)
1,000 followers in Orlando? ... No! (350 Miles Away)
Most business is done locally.
And done within a 20 mile radius.
LocalTweetFinder lets you target potential
customers in your geographic area.
Twitter gives you the opportunity to talk to 200+ million people around the world.
How many of them can you get through your door?

Introducing LocalTweetFinder Twitter Marketing Software
Specifically Designed for Small Business.

LocalTweetFinder Lets You:
Follow, Reply and Direct Message people.
All within your geographic area!

  • Follow people based on their geographic    location
  • Reply to tweets based on their geographic    location
  • Direct message people based their on    geographic location

  • Search Tweets By:
  • Geolocation
  • Keyword
  • Language
  • User

  • Create complex search queries to find tweets containing:
  • A word
  • Multiple words
  • Negation (not containing a word)
  • Exact phrases
  • Words either or
  • Hash tags
  • Users
  • Not from a user
  • Mentioning a user

  • More LocalTweetFinder Features:
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Check for tweets mentioning your account
  • Count the number of times your tweets have    been retweeted
  • Free Unlimited Software Updates and Support
  • No Monthly or Recurring Fees
  • Lifetime License
  • Requires Windows XP, Vista or 7

  • Buy It Now Only $77
    Lifetime License
    Watch LocalTweetFinder In Action And See How It Can Grow Your Business.

    LocalTweetFinder Twitter Marketing Software harnesses the power of Twitter to drive people to your small business.

    LocalTweetFinder is simple, easy to use and works by matching Twitter data with geo location data to only show results from the local area you specify.

    Please look at our individual case studies for a more in depth explanation of how LocalTweetFinder can help your small business.

    Case Studies

    » Real Estate Agent
    » Auto Body Shop
    » Dentist
    » Restaurant

    Learn About More LocalTweetFinder Features To Help Your Business.
    Geo Search

    Geo Search harnesses Twitter's most powerful feature, Search, and combines it with the even more powerful tool, Geo Location, to provide you ultra targeted search results for any geographic area you specify. You can specify any location in the world, the distance users are from it and the language they tweet in. Once you have your Geo Search results you can reply to the tweets, retweet them or follow the users who posted them.
    Geo User Search

    Geo User Search make use of Twitters search feature but in an innovative way and instead of returning users based on the content of their tweets it returns users based on their location. You can specify any location in the world and then specify users with in any distance range of that location. You can further target your results by the language that user tweets in. You can then follow or send a tweet to the users.
    Live Reply

    Live reply takes LocalTweetfinder's search results real time. Geo Search and Geo User Search return results from the time of your search back 7 days. Live Reply is constantly updating to bring you tweets as then happen. You can target your results based on the content of the users tweet, language it was written in and the location of the tweet. You can then instantly reply tweets and/or follow the user who tweeted.
    Send Messages

    When you perform Geo Searches, Geo User Searches and Live Reply searches you can enter a Tracking Name so you know where the user came from. Send Messages lets you target users to message based on the Tracking Name assigned to them. Send Messages then lets you review a users bio before you send them a message so you can verify you want to message them and tailor your message especially to them.

    Buy It Now Only $77
    Lifetime License
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